Artists Block

I have been struggling of late to get going on a new children’s book project. It's been a little like trudging through deep mud. I was lamenting this general state of affairs when a Youtube video by illustrator Will Terry dropped into my inbox which was about artist's block and like all his videos it contained a great mix of practical advice with an intuitive flavouring about wider issues which tend to manifest in all our lives. I originally came across his work via Illustrator Laura Wood’s website (thanks Laura) after looking for advice in relation to how to price your illustration work. She has some really good advice on the subject plus she also had a link to Will Terry’s Youtube channel.

So I took his advice and started to get somewhere very slowly but doing something is better than standing still unless of course you want to. I still managed to procrastinate quite a lot but the procrastination was interspersed with bits of doing and eventually bore fruit in terms of getting some lines down on the page. I also dragged my heels in relation to the medium I wanted to use (more procrastinating) but once I was sketching ideas out on paper I had a start which is all I usually need but it hasn’t flowed from there like it normally would but it's starting to get a bit of momentum now. I decided to rough out all the characters first which I have never done before after watching another Will Terry video in which he describes his own process - he decides on the personality of each of his characters by listing their traits (I have never done this except in my imagination) and then on their physical characteristics and lists those as well. What I really liked about doing this was that it made me slow down and think about what I am trying to do.

Anyways I woke up last Thursday morning with another idea for a children's story which I have now written so I have two stories to work on now and I am going to alternate between the two. I am sure this new story has emerged because of the process I have described above.

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