Tracing a line...back

I'm in between projects as I write this and have spent a few days throwing out things that I have been hoarding for a few years. I couldn't believe how much paper I had kept going back to when I studied art at foundation level, through my degree which was in Drawing at Falmouth University. I did a lot of etching on the degree course and kept all the zinc plates which combined would seriously damage your foot if you dropped them and also a lot of large format prints on heavy Somerset paper. I threw out everything apart from a few of the prints and two of the zinc plates. It was easier to throw out the zinc because in most instances moisture had damaged them. It was a lot of stuff and I feel much better for finally letting it all go but it obviously reminded me of where I've come from and in some ways articulates where I am at as I write this.

I have a book I want to illustrate but I also have this ridiculous notion that I need to make other work so I can keep posting it on places like Dribbble and Instagram. This desire to make work for, as I see it, inauthentic reasons was the bane of my life at college to a greater or lesser extent. I'm not sure that I made a piece of work just because I fancied it....there always had to be another reason...

This battle between conforming with what is seemingly outside of you versus what you feel driven to do is an interesting conundrum and it seems to me that it manifests on whatever you choose to project it onto. So the content is always the same but the form of struggle just changes but you forget that you are the one creating your own experience.

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