Seeing - A Work in Progress

I really didn't know what to write about today so I decided to talk about a piece of work I'm still making and show a bit of the process. It's called 'Seeing' and I'm not sure whether it's going to work. But that particular misgiving arises with every single picture I make. It's part of the process as well and just a place I get to on the road each time I set out to make my pictures. I like complicated illustrations with lots of detail and I particularly like ones that offer that challenge of depicting something which is maybe a little abstract, with an interesting perspective.

I have been reading the most amazing book called 'A Course In Miracles' and following it's daily lessons for 136 days now - it has one lesson for each day for a whole year and it aims to teach you a different 'curriculum' to the one we are taught from birth. Without going into too much detail it asks you to substitute a different system of thought into the mind - the lessons are so simple and gentle but it works in the background, on the subconscious perhaps.

One of the themes which occurs frequently is about seeing things as they really are - and there is an encouragement to really look but not to rely solely on the body's eyes...the picture I am making is about this attempt to see beyond the facade which is presented by everyday things...beyond the mere appearance of things...which I never really question. I'm about three quarters of the way through and wanted to share the base images I have used...which are just really simple sketches. I will post the finished piece when I have it.

Here's the base image...

Ps...take a look at this illustration by a South African Studio called MUTI...its called Winter Drive...I think it's really successful in depicting the atmosphere and sentiment of the title whilst it uses interesting textures and a slightly skewed perspective and simple colours. Oh and it has a lot of little details!

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