Going Places...

Hey anyone and everyone...if you're reading this thanks for coming and welcome to my very first post. I made a bespoke image to celebrate my new blog and after some some umming and ahhing about the title I settled on 'Going Places.' I originally intended it to be 'Diary of an Unsuccesssful Illustrator' but decided it was a bit negative. It was born out of the desire to be more authentic...which brings me to this blog...that's the point of it for me at least...to show my process in a more revealing light. I don't want to edit myself too much or rub out bits in a picture because I don't think it's good enough.

The images below show the process for constructing the illustration... from the intial thought sketches to the finished artwork. I borrowed the colour palette in part from an illustration by Miguel Camacho on Dribbble which is called 'Heading to San Francisco.' This image is so simple but so lovely and reminds of work by Ed Ruscha.

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